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Additional Fields on Shift Items

If your dept. has a lot of various, perhaps unique info when it comes to overtime, special assignments, and time-off types (perhaps multiple payroll software codes?) you can add additional custom fields to shift item profiles. These are called "Custom Special Type Attributes".


Create Custom Shift Items  

To begin, go here (Admin Tab -> Options -> Site Settings).


  • On the page you arrive at, the second option listed is "Custom Special Type Attributes", with a link next to it that allows you to View/Edit these attributes. Click that link.

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  • This new page will likely be blank for you right now, as we don't have any custom fields yet, but as we add them, they will be listed here.
  • Click the blue "+ Create Custom Special Type Attribute" button to create a new field.

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  • Now, all you have to do is name the field that you want to add (I chose "Special Payroll #"), and select an attribute type, which can be either plain ol' text, or a date.
  • When you have chosen these, click the blue "Create" button.

That's it! All overtime types, special assignment types, and time-off types will now have this additional field in their profiles, that you can fill out for each one. You can add additional fields as you see fit.

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These custom fields are currently only available for viewing/use on custom exports as well as the item profile itself.

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