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Shift/Assignment Removal

I used "Remove all future shifts", but there are still shifts on the schedule?

If a shift has a Beat/Zone/Area/etc. tied to it, the "remove all future shifts" option in the right-click tooltip will not remove those shifts. This is due to the way our system treats your Beat/Zone/Area Assignments.  It treats them as "exceptions" just like a time off, special assignment, OT, etc.  Only shifts without any "exceptions" will be removed with the "remove all future shifts" option. 

This is because exceptions typically don't change when you edit someone's schedule (i.e. if someone takes a sick day, they are still going to be sick even if you changed their shift time, things like that).


OK, how do I remove them?

What you need to do is remove their assignments first, then you can remove those shifts.  Just follow the below steps and you'll be good to go.


  1. Go to the Assignments Tab
  2. Go to the person in question's assignment listing in the table, and find the earliest day that he/she is on there and that you want to change for them.  If you hover your mouse over his/her name, you'll see a little "x"appear in the top-left of their name box, click it.
  3. You can now choose to remove that assignment for that day, or all of his/her assignments  of that type from that day onward.
  4. Click the the blue "Remove Assignment(s) button once you select the option you want, give it a second to do its thing, and his/her schedule will be clear of all assignments if that type from that day on.
  5. Just do this for each assignment he/she takes part in for that calendar period you are trying to clear.
  6. Once you've done this, you can remove his/her future shifts via the right-click tooltip and they should go without any issue.
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