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Shift Bidding
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If you wish to activate the Shift Bidding functionality and do not currently have it enabled for your department, you may do so by contacting us at



The Shift Bidding process in Pace Scheduler consists of the following pieces:

  1. Admins create one or more Template Schedules. These template schedules hold the slots in which employees will be able to put their bids in for.
  2. Admins create one or more Shift Bidding Periods. A shift bidding period specifies when the employees are able to choose their shifts, and which period they are bidding for (i.e. they can choose their shifts between 11/1/2020-12/1/2020 for the 2021 calendar period).
  3. Employees select their shifts.
  4. Admins review the shift bid and make any final adjustments.
  5. Admins finalize the shift bid by clicking the "Finalize" button to apply the choices to the live schedule.


Each of these pieces are described in more detail below.


Creating Template Schedules


Click on Shift Bidding Templates from the right hand side bar, and click "+ Add Template" to create a new template as so: 



As you create your template, you can add as many slots as you need by clicking on the gear icon on each group. You may name these slots anything you wish.



As you add rows to this template, you can add the shifts (on/off patterns) for each person by clicking on "Add a Permanent Shift". The Permanent Shift functionality will work the same way as you are accustomed to with the rest of the system.



Creating Shift Bidding Periods


Shift Bidding Periods are used to give a group of people the ability to choose which shifts they want to bid on. You should create one Shift Bidding Period for each distinct group of employees. For instance, you may have a separate Patrol Shift bid and a Dispatch Shift bid which are each created as their own Shift Bidding Periods. You can create the Shift Bidding period by going to "Shift Bidding Periods" on the admin sidebar, as so:



After you create your Shift Bidding period, you choose which people are part of this bid by going to "Edit User Start Times". From here you will add either individuals or groups of people, and re-order them as needed. You may also order them by Seniority by clicking on the "Seniority" column header, as so:




Employee Shift Selection


When it is time for employees to select their shifts, they will receive an automatic text message from the system to alert them that it is their turn. Each employee in turn will log in and click on the "Shift Bidding" button in the upper right. To choose a shift, the employee will right click on the shift to claim, and then click the "Done" button when done in order to pass the Shift Bidding on to the next person in line.





Reviewing the Shift Bid as an Admin


At any point during the Shift Bidding process, either while it's still going on or after it has been completed, as an admin you can view the status of the shift bid by going here:



While reviewing this bid, you have permissions to make any manual adjustments as needed:





Finalizing the Shift Bid


Once everything looks ok after reviewing the Shift Bid as mentioned above, you will want to click "Finalize and Assign These Shifts" right from this same page. By doing this, these people will be moved to the correct groups and the shifts specified in this Shift Bid will overwrite their schedules for the shift bidding time range. To finalize, simply click the button at the top of the Shift Bidding Period page and go through the confirm prompt, as so:



Once you have completed this Shift Bidding process, you should perform any updates to the schedule directly from the Calendar tab like normal.

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