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Submitting Requests while logged in as a Supervisor
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If you are a Supervisor with "Edit Schedules" permissions or an Admin in the system, you will notice that you have an Admin/Supervisor form when you right click on certain cells. This "Admin/Supervisor Form" is different from the form that non-admins and non-supervisors see as it is much more powerful. This "Admin/Supervisor Form" gives you permission to put Time Off, Overtime, etc. directly on the schedule without requiring another user to approve it (essentially, you are the one approving it since you were granted the Supervisor or Admin permission to do so). While this is ideal for most scenarios, there may be instances when you want access to the regular "Request Form" that normal users see instead of the "Admin/Supervisor Form" so that you can see what the non-admins and non-supervisors see.


To view this "Request Form", simply toggle the Request Form button after right clicking on a cell:



If you submit a request via this "Request Form", the requests will always go in as "Pending". Depending on your permissions, you may be able to go to the "Pending Requests" page and approve the request you just put in.



Mobile app


Please note that if you are using the mobile app, ALL actions you take from within the mobile app will use the highest level permission you have. This means if you are a supervisor with approve/reject permissions over yourself, if you put a Time Off, Claim, Overtime, or other type of request into the mobile app it will be approved instantly.

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