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Lockout Periods

While you are creating future schedules, you may not want non-admins to see those schedules. To do this, there is a feature call "Lockout Periods" that we can utilize.

This feature allows you to block non-admin users (including non-admin supervisors) from viewing those calendar periods in question. These lockouts can be manually "unlocked" by an Admin once the time arrives, or you can specify a specify date and time for them to lock and unlock automatically.


Establish Lockouts

To begin, go here (Admin Tab -> Employees -> Lockout Periods)
The page you arrive at will list existing Lockout Periods for the upcoming Calendar Period. You can view and set-up Lockout Periods for other Periods by selecting the relevant Calendar Period from the dropdown menu in the top-right of the page.

Notice that the button for adding a new Lockout Period is based on which Calendar Period you currently have selected in that previously mentioned dropdown menu.

Let's lockout non-admin users for the July 2019 Calendar Period. To do so...


  • Make sure "July 2019" is selected from the dropdown menu
  • Click the blue "+ Add lockout period for July 2019 shifts"

There should be a picture here!

The page you arrive at will ask you to specify the date & time that this lockout should "lock" & "unlock". You'll see in the picture above that I set this Lockout to automatically lock the July 2019 schedule at 12:00am on 6/01/19, and then automatically unlock at 12:00am 06/24/19. I'll click "Create" to save this Lockout Period.

That's it! You'll see that Lockout Period listed in July 2019 now. You can always Edit or Remove these lockouts at any time.


  • If you want to manually unlock July 2019 schedules before 12:00am 06/24/19, just manually remove the Lockout Period and they will immediately unlock.
  • You can add additional lockout periods for July 2019 if, perhaps, your first lockout period was only for part of July, not all of it.

Now, when non-admin users try to access a July 2019 schedule between 12:00am 06/01/19 - 12:00am 06/24/19, they will see the following message...

There should be a picture here!

The yellowish lockout warning at the top of that schedule will appear on ALL schedules, that way everyone is aware of any upcoming lockout(s).

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