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Schedule Views

The Calendar tab defaults to displaying any and all user "Groups" your site has (Day Shift, Night Shift, Administration, etc. Your site likely uses different terminology).

Now, what if you wanted to set up multiple different "views" of the schedule, where each one includes a specific set of user groups, and you can switch between these "Schedule Views" at will? Well, there's a feature for that.

Can you guess what it's called? Schedule's called Schedule Views.


Creating/Modifying Schedule Views

Start by going here (Admin Tab -> Groups & Schedules -> Schedule Views)

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What you are now looking at is a list of all of the Schedule Views your site currently has in place (your list may be empty if this is your first time here). Here, you can edit or remove existing Views, or add new ones by clicking the blue "+ Add Schedule" button. Let's add a new one.

Observe that, like most things in our software, Schedule Views are Calendar Period reliant. Therefore, you'll want to be sure that you've selected the first calendar period that you want these changes to take-effect, BEFORE you make any changes.
Click "+ Add Schedule", you will arrive at a form that lets you specify the details of the new Schedule View.

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1) Specify the name and abbreviation for this schedule. The abbreviation is rarely used, so don't worry about it too much.

2) If checked, this view is eligible to display min. staffing rows (the groups within this view need to have min. staffing rules set up for them as well, otherwise those rows will not display).

3) Select the Groups that you want displayed on this Schedule View. This is the reason we are setting these up in the first place, to customize who shows up on this view.

4) Here, you can select which legend items should appear(checked) or be hidden(unchecked) on this view. If an item is unchecked, it will not appear in the legend, dropdown menus, or be usable via keyboard shortcut when viewing this particular Schedule View.

  • NOTE
    If a hidden item is added to someone's schedule (perhaps via another Schedule View that they also appear on), then that item will temporarily appear in dropdown menus on this view, until that item is removed from the user's schedule.

Once you have this form filled out to your satisfaction, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the form, and click the blue save button.


Accessing Schedule Views  

After you have one or more Schedule Views created, you will see a dropdown menu has now appeared on both the Calendar & Daily Shifts tabs. You can now flip between any of those views by simply selecting them from that dropdown menu.

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