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Seniority Order

Your site has a defined seniority order in place that gets used when multiple people request the same Extra Shift.

For example, if you have one Extra Shift available and 3 people all said they could work it by submitting a claim request, then those 3 requests will appear together in the Pending Requests tab, ordered by seniority, starting with the most senior person at the top.


Adjusting Seniority Order

To start, go here (Admin Tab -> Employees -> Seniority Order)

The screen you arrive at will list all of the users on your site, in seniority order, starting with the most senior at the top.

There should be a GIF here!

To change this order, simply click & drag users into their new positions. This ordering saves on-the-fly, so once you have the order you want, you can just leave the page.

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