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Uploading Time Bank Balances

First, you'll need to compile a report following the instructions on the "Upload Time Bank Balances" page. You should be able to obtain this report, or something very similar, from your payroll software/department records. If you cannot obtain a report like this from your payroll software/department records, you'll need to create a new spreadsheet in your preferred program (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.), matching those aforementioned instructions.

Create the 3 columns (in order) that those on-screen instructions mention, then export that file into CSV format. Your spreadsheet program should have this ability, as it is fairly standard. It's usually located in the "File" dropdown menu, within the "Export" option (e.g. "Export to CSV"). Sometimes spreadsheet programs will try to auto-format CSV files if you open a CSV in them, which can mess up the formatting, therefore we advise that you do not open the CSV file once you've exported it. Just drag it right into the upload section on your Scheduler site.

For the "Time Bank Abbreviation" field, you will use the appropriate abbreviation from your Scheduler site. When listing each user's balance on that spreadsheet, be sure that the balances you enter are the values that you want Scheduler to update each respective user to. In other words, the values you list on the spreadsheet will not stack on top of the existing balances, they will replace them.

As the onscreen instructions mention, the system will use each respective employee's "ID" from their Scheduler profile UNLESS you have added the special "Payroll ID" field through your Site Settings page. If you do, in fact, have the Payroll ID field on your site, you'll need to ensure that each person's Payroll ID field is accurate/filled in on your Scheduler site, and matches the ID's listed on the CSV, so that the system knows who is who once the file is uploaded and processed..

You can now use the Upload Time Bank Balances page to upload your CSV. It will take a while to complete the import, and you will receive an email once it is complete.

In summary...

  • Create a spreadsheet with the following 3 columns in order...
    • Employee ID ("Payroll ID" instead if you set that up already)
    • Time Bank Abbreviation matching you Scheduler site's abbreviations
    • # of Hours for that person's bank
  • Once that sheet is complete, export it in CSV format. Do not open that CSV file prior to uploading it to Scheduler, otherwise it could jumble things around.
  • Once you initiate the import, it will take a while to do its thing, and you'll receive an email once it's all done.
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