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Customizing Your Site's Calendar Legend
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We know each department has a different way of visually designing their schedule, and we don’t want to stand in the way of that, so we allow your site’s legend to be customized quite a bit. You can color-code things, change abbreviations and keyboard shortcuts, apply borders and corner charms, all from your Calendar.


Please note that these are site-wide settings, you can’t customize your legend to be different than another user's at your department. This is why you must be a site Admin to customize the legend.



You can access the legend customization page in two ways:

  • Via the Calendar Tab
  • Via the Admin Tab

Customize via Calendar Tab

Click the blue “Edit Look & Feel” button in your Calendar legend


Customize via Admin Tab

Admin -> Settings -> Edit Look & Feel


Helpful Tips

Once you arrive at the customization page, feel free to let the creative juices flow!

  • The legend items are separated into their own respective categories/tabs on this page. 
  • Each item includes a real-time preview of how it will look on the calendar, so experiment with things and find what works for your department.
  • Like most admin settings in our software, the legend customization is calendar period specific. Any changes you make will only affect the current calendar period and forward, it will not affect previous calendar periods. This ensures your previous schedules remain intact.
  • If you want to retroactivate your legend changes, be sure to select the desired calendar period in the dropdown menu (top-right of page) BEFORE making your legend changes. Similarly, if you want to prepare future calendar periods with new legend items, be sure to select that future calendar period BEFORE making your changes. This way those updated legend items are ready to go once that future period arrives, but any periods prior to that will remain unaffected.



Once you've completed your desired changes, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click “Save”.



Related Settings

  • Grid Cell Overflow Text
    Located in the "Site Settings" page. This setting is used to determine how especially long abbreviations should display in calendar cells. For example, if the abbreviation for one of your OT’s is 6 characters long, do you want the end of that abbreviation to basically overlap the neighboring cell to the right of it, or do you want those extra characters to just be hidden, as if they were tucked under the neighboring cell instead.


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