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Message Blast Templates
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If you have regularly scheduled events that you’d like to send Message Blasts out regularly, you can create Message Templates for quick use while composing a Message Blast. You can also use Message Templates to set up auto-sending Message Blasts.



Location: Admin -> Message Blasts -> Message Templates


If you don’t have any Message Templates on your site yet, this page will be mostly blank, with the ability to create a new template. As you add Message Templates, you’ll see them all listed out on this page. You can edit them or remove them from here.




Create a Message Template

Setting up a template is fairly straight-forward. You can give each template a custom name, choose which method of communicate it should use (email, text, or both). After you select the method, you’ll fill out the message blast as usual. If composing an email you’ll be presented with a Message Body field and a Subject field. If composing a text you’ll only see the Message Body field. If you chose “both”, you’ll see the Subject field again, but it will only apply to the email, and will be omitted from the text when the message is sent.




Smart Composition

Seeing as these are templates, and not individual messages, you’ll likely want to reuse them numerous times throughout the future. If your message includes specific date/day info, you can use variables in your message so that the template will automatically use the correct date any time you leverage the template.


  • e.g. If you use the variable {{next_month}} in your message, it will automatically include next month’s date anytime you use that template to send a message blast.
  • e.g. If you use the variable {{tomorrow}} in your message, it will automatically include tomorrow’s date anytime you use that template to send a message blast.
  • There are a few different variables you can use, try experimenting a bit. While variables liek these are fairly common in the tech world, their formatting may be a bit alien to the average person, so check with your IT department if you have any questions about variables and how they might be used.



Auto Send

After you’ve composed your Message Template, you are given the option to “Auto Send” the message. If you check this box, you’ll be able to choose a specific day of the week or day of the month for this message to auto send, as well as the time of day it should send.


Once you’ve configured this auto send behavior you do not need to do anything further, the message will automatically be sent according to your selected auto sending schedule, no need to “call up” that template in a Message Blast Form. You can still use this template like any other of course, but the auto sending behavior will carry out regardless.


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