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Rotation Patterns
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Our Permanent Shift feature relies heavily on Rotation Patterns. We typically add these rotation patterns to your site during setup, but if you ever need to tweak them, delete them, or add new patterns, you can do so in the Admin Tab. These patterns are then available for use any time you use the Permanent Shift Feature.



Location: Admin -> Shifts & Coverage -> Rotation Patterns


Here you can see all the various patterns this site has. You can easily remove unnecessary ones, edit the name and format of each, or detail the pattern itself. You can also add a new rotation pattern entirely.




Creating a New Pattern

  • Click the blue “Create Shift Rotation” button.
  • Name your new pattern, and select a format for it to adhere to. At the time of this writing, the only available format is “On Off”. We recommend naming your pattern so that even brand new users will know its purpose. We typically just use the pattern’s on-off sequence itself as the name, but feel free to experiment. I’ve named this example pattern “5on - 2off - 5on - 3off”, so it’s very explicit.
  • Click “Create”.



Create Each Portion of the Pattern

You can choose a daily interval or a weekly interval. If the interval you choose is “Day”, you can customize the pattern down to the day. If you instead choose “Week”, you can customize down to the week (7 days) and is only useful if you have someone that works 7 days or more in a row. For this example we’ll use “Day”, as it’s the most common. Now we create the pattern, one portion at a time.


For this example, our pattern is 5on - 2off - 5on - 3off, so we’ll start with the “5on” portion.

  • Number of Days = 5
  • On Off = On
  • Click “Create”
  • On the left you’ll see your pattern/sequence, as well as the ability to add more pieces to the rotation. Let’s add the next piece to the rotation.

Next up is the “2off” portion.

  • Number of Days = 2
  • On Off = Off
  • “Create”

Rinse & repeat this process for each remaining piece until you’ve completed the entire pattern/sequence. These save on-the-fly, so once you’ve created the final piece of the pattern, you’re good to go! The pattern will now be available for use in Permanent Shifts.


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