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Quick Start Guide
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If you just joined Pace Scheduler, welcome aboard! Below you'll find, in order, all of the key parts of our software that you'll want to take a look at and possibly tinker with during your onboarding. If your department has already onboarded to our software, and you're just a new person at your department, ignore the "Rally Point" items in the list below, as those only pertain to the onboarding process.


Obviously this guide is not exhaustive, but it should help you hit the ground running! Be sure to check out the rest of our Support Center for additional resources. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to submit a new ticket from the Support Center, or email us at



The dashboard will remain visible at nearly all times, and is comprised of several tabs that lead you to different key areas of your site. Each of these tabs are detailed below, including links to any relevant support documentation.



Daily Shifts

Allows you to view your daily lineups, including who is working, when, where, what assets they have, notes, and more.



The full monty, the big kahuna, this is where you can view the schedule for numerous people across numerous dates. You can interact with this schedule directly by clicking on the calendar cells, among other tools. This is where you'll spend the majority of your time. It includes Extra Shifts, Supporting Shifts, Minimum Staffing, Message Blasts, and more.



If your department utilized Assignments/Beats/Areas/Zones/Sectors/etc., this tab is dedicated to those items. You can assign these from the Calendar Tab as well, but this tab is dedicated to them and offers a better experience if you assign these at roll call.


My Schedule

This is where you'll find your schedule specifically. You can view your schedule on the Calendar and Daily Shifts tabs as well of course, amongst other users' schedules, but if you just want to see your schedule on its own you'll want to use this "My Schedule" tab. This tab functions sort of like a "Greatest Hits" of the Calendar and Daily Shifts tabs, allowing you to manage your personal schedule all in one place. It will also display any currently available Extra Shifts.




This is where you will submit and manage your availabilities. It's typically only used by part time employees, but don't let us tell you how to live your life! Your users can input their availabilities here. If you have supervisor permissions over one or more people, you'll be able to view those users' availabilities as well as your own.


Pending Requests

This is where you can view/manage your own requests, or (if you are a supervisor) approve/reject the requests of your subordinates.


Admin Tab

This is where you can manage all of the numerous settings and configuration options for your Scheduler site. If you are a site admin you will see this tab and have full access to everything within it. If you are not a site admin, but are still a supervisor, you'll still see this tab, however you will only have access to specific areas within it.



User Dropdown

This is where you can modify your profile, change your password, view your bank balances, access your timesheet, and a few other things.



Support Center

The Support Center includes our Knowledge Base and support ticketing system. The Knowledge Base includes Training Videos, Interactive Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, our FAQ, and numerous other resources to help you become an expert on Pace Scheduler.


Our support ticketing system allows you to submit messages to Pace any time you have questions, concerns, or feedback. You can communicate with us all from this area, however you will still receive emails anytime we reply to your message(s). You can reply from the Support Center, or you can reply directly to that email. You can also generate a new ticket by sending us a message at



Customize your Calendar Legend


Ensure everyone is in the correct groups


Create additional Schedule Views as needed


Look through the Site Settings and Employee Permissions pages


Enter Shifts on the schedule

Try to simulate your real day-to-day tasks using Pace Scheduler.


Schedule Rally Point 1 with Pace (once ready)
Please use the software for 1-2 weeks before executing this meeting, this way you have time to familiarize with it and compile questions. Please keep a list of questions as you progress, so we can address them all during the Rally Points. You should have received a link to schedule Rally Point 1 in the "Site Setup Complete!" email. That is the email that was sent alongside your Pilot and Co-Pilot's invites to the site itself. If you can't find this link/email, please contact us at requesting another link.



Execute Rally Point 1

  • We’ll set up Supervisor Rules together.
  • We'll introduce you to Employee Permissions.
  • We’ll set up automatic Time Bank Accruals together.
  • After all above steps are complete, we'll address any questions you’ve compiled.
  • Your site's Pilot and Co-Pilot are required to attend. Please do not include anyone else in this meeting as we want to keep it as focused as possible. Other users can attend Rally Point 2 down the road.


Invite the rest of your department to your Pace site
Entering a user’s email address into their profile will send them an invite. To edit someone’s profile, click “Edit” next to their name in the employee list (Admin -> Employees -> Employees). Once you enter their email address and save their profile, an email invite will be sent to that user, just like you received when you were invited. The user will set their password using the link provided in the invite email.



Schedule Rally Point 2 with Pace (once ready)
Now that you’ve invited the rest of your department to your Pace site, please have everyone (including yourselves) continue using it for 1-2 weeks before executing your Rally Point 2 with Pace. Again, we want everyone to familiarize with the software and use it to manage schedules, submit/handle requests, etc. Be sure to keep another list of questions as you go so we can address them during Rally Point 2. We encourage the rest of your users to submit their questions to your list as well, that way we can answer questions for all user types.


You should have received a link to schedule Rally Point 2 shortly after you executed Rally Point 1. If you can't find this link/email, please contact us at requesting another link.


Execute Rally Point 2

  • The only purpose of this second Rally Point is to answer any additional questions you may have compiled since Rally Point 1.
  • Your site's Pilot and Co-Pilot are required to attend. Additional users can optionally attend.


Finish Line

You are now considered “Live” and your onboarding is complete! If you requested a custom payroll export on your Data Form, we’ll reach out to the payroll contact you provided us. One of our developers will work with that person directly to craft the custom export matching your needs. If you rejected a custom export on your Data Form we will not reach out. If you ever decide to take advantage of the custom export offer, please reach out to us. It does not cost anything extra.

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